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                A ministry of Đồng Hành-CLC consisting of Vietnamese young people and adults
                who help one another seek and live out their personal vocations.
Who We Are as Đồng Hành-CLC

   Đồng Hành is Vietnamese for 'companions on    the way' and CLC stands for Christian Life    Community.

   We meet regularly in small groups of 6-12    members to pray, reflect, and share how we can    live out our unique faith journeys in ways that    integrate spirituality, community, and mission. We also gather as a local, regional, and national body for training, service projects, and other assemblies to bind ourselves as a wider community. Although our heritage is Vietnamese, we welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds. We belong nationally to CLC-USA and internationally to World CLC. Thus, we are a part of a world-wide body of small faith communities situated in almost 60 countries.

Our way of life is rooted in Ignatian spirituality, inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. We seek to encounter God in the many facets of our everyday life, reflect on these experiences to become more aware of God’s presence and action, and respond more fully to God’s dream for our lives as individuals and as community.

Hence, we strive to become friends in the Lord, find God in all things, and commit to service and social justice.

Who We Are in YaYA Ministries

We are both young and adult members of Đồng Hành-CLC who come together not as a separate community, but with a focus to discern and meet the genuine needs of young people who are in high school, college students, and young adults. Hence, we are a ministry program that serves a sector of the Vietnamese American community who are specifically but not exclusively young Catholics.

We work closely within the infrastructure of Đồng Hành-CLC and CLC-USA, according to the model of "empowering growth." We organize ourselves as a National Team and four Regional Teams to empower one another to grow in our personal vocations and common mission.

We are younger members of the Dong Hanh-CLC family serving youths and young adults.

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