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                “The foundation of CLC formation is the conviction that God calls each of us to a personal vocation,
                 which reveals itself in our deepest inclinations and our most authentic desires.” CLC Charism I

Do you believe that:
  • God loves you so much as to place within you a deep desire, your personal vocation?
  • You can discover this vocation?
  • Living out this vocation is your way to happiness as well as fulfilling God’s dream for your life?
Will you respond to this calling to become fully, passionately, genuinely yourself?

There are three senses of vocation in the Catholic Church:
  1. All are called to holiness, to union with God by the grace of baptism.
  2. Some are called to various states of life: married, religious, single for service.
  3. Only you are given your unrepeatable personal vocation.

In a community like Đồng Hành-CLC, you can discover and live out this vocation, uniquely loved into you by God.

God promises us enough strength and insight, as individuals and as a community, to discern our personal vocations and the lifestyles befitting them. Through prayer, deep listening, mutual empowerment, and discernment, we can come to know this distinct dream of God for our lives. We do so by finding the point of intersection among three spheres: genuine needs, special talents, and deep desire.

Although it takes a lifetime, this journey of a thousand leagues begins with one step. It begins with a faithful yes. A “yes” like Mary’s fiat: “May it be done to me according to your word" (Luke 1:38).

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