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                “We are particularly aware of the pressing need to work for justice through a preferential option for the poor and a
                simple life style which expresses our freedom and solidarity … by opening hearts to conversion and struggling to
                change oppressive structures. - CLC General Principles 4 and 8
Service is an integral aspect of the Đồng Hành-CLC way of life. We understand service as ministry when it grows out of a sense of gratitude, desire to love and serve God, and deep listening. Moreover, reflection on our experiences of service helps us to discern our individual and communal mission.

Efforts at direct service, outreach, solidarity and awareness of justice issues help us answer the call to continue Christ’s mission in all social conditions. Our present field of service or ministry engages two types of people:
  • Those who are spiritually poor: through retreats, days of prayer at the parish, the Lightworks prayer program, and Marriage Renewal Weekends.

  • Those who are materially poor and marginalized: through various service projects in our small groups and communities such as visiting prisons, retirement homes, children centers, homeless shelters, relief efforts for victims of natural disasters, educational projects in Vietnam, etc.

Check out these sites: Of course, there are many more. Check back later for further developments and opportunities.
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