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                An integral part of the CLC way of life includes attending annual retreats. The following Ignatian retreats are available to youths and young
                adults through Đồng Hành-CLC. While they are aimed for young people of Vietnamese heritage, others are welcomed. Unless otherwise
                stated, these retreats are conducted mainly in English.


This small group based three-day retreat for young people in their 17-20’s is adapted from the popular American Kairos retreats, which are modeled after the Cursillo Weekend for adults.

Emphasis is placed on fostering understanding between retreatants and their parents, greater acceptance of the retreatants’ bi-cultural identity, and basic relationship with God.


This three-day retreat focuses on significant relationships (with God, oneself, and others) for young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. The retreat format integrates presentations, prayer, and conversation to provide a meaningful experience of community. Some topics explored are:
  • Longing to Love and be Loved
  • Love Chooses Me?
  • Love and Sexuality
  • Love and its 10,000 Imitations

Encountering Jesus

This three-day retreat is designed especially but not exclusively for young adults in their 20’s who want to deepen their spiritual life after Kairos, Encounter, TEC, or Search.

It balances personal prayer time and friendship building to help retreatants develop ways of praying that are both personal and meaningful to by encountering Jesus of the Gospels, the one who invites us to a life of deep friendship.

Silent Retreats

These retreats for those beyond high school occur in 2 (weekend), 3, 4, or 5 days of almost complete silence, based on the Spiritual Exercise of St Ignatius. They take either the preached or guided format depending on the amount of guidance given. Retreatants enjoy individual spiritual direction or mentoring.

There are significant opportunities for quiet reflection, prayer and discernment to help cultivate a deeper, intimate relationship with God.

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