Rest Area

                  Matthew 11:28
Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, a bit lost? Don’t forget to breathe in the Holy Spirit. Try the following five steps:
  1. Slowly breathe in fully; breathe out completely.

  2. As you breathe in, imagine all that is goodness … strength … life … peace … love … God … flow into you like fresh air…

  3. As you breathe out, imagine all that is fatigue … tension … stress … anxieties … fears … restlessness … not God ... leave you like air already used up.

  4. Be aware of God. Recall the last time you were aware of God’s nearness, when you felt close God ... try to place yourself in that similar experience ....

  5. Rest in God as you would with a close friend or parent … Simply be …

What else do you find helpful for your rest? Let us know.

Some prayer helps in the Ignatian Tradition:

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Great prayer helps
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