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                “What are you looking for?” - John 1:38
Friends in the Lord

Imagine a group of college friends coming together to support one another in search of a genuine faith life, learning to be real with one another, and discover God's dream for their lives. St. Ignatius and his friends at the University of Paris in the 16th Century did just that. They became "friends in the Lord," forming perhaps the first CLC group. Thirty years later, Jean Leunis gathered a group of students at the Jesuit College in Rome to do likewise. They helped one other search and live out their faith in personal and genuine ways.

Do we as youths and young adults look for something similar? As youths, do we not look for a group of close friends where we can belong, be ourselves, and talk about things that we rarely do with anyone else?

As young adults, do we not long for friends who help us find and embrace a living faith, integrate our gifts and talents, weaknesses and shadows, into an organic whole? Do we not hunger to adopt a lifestyle with meaning and purpose that makes a difference in the lives of others?

Đồng Hành-CLC's are such groups of 'friends in the Lord' trying to form communities that help one another discern our unique callings in life.

Our groups are part of a larger whole, the Dong Hanh-CLC family. We are the younger members in this family within the Catholic Church.

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