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                                                                                     We are all on a spiritual journey... to become more fully alive,
                                                                                                                                                  the person we are meant to be,
                                                                                                                                                  fulfilling our meaning and purpose.
This pilgrimage can also be seen as discovering and living fully our personal vocations – God’s personal and unrepeatable dream for our lives. Spirituality is about how we undertake this journey.

Becoming Our Truest Selves

     The Đồng Hành-CLC way of life offers such a pathway to become our true selves, in community, grounded
     in Ignatian spirituality. At the heart of this approach is the conviction that loved into each of us is a fire, a
     great gift. Our journey in life is about learning to open this gift, layer by layer, allowing it to unfold. It involves      embracing and drawing out this inner fire.

     Đồng Hành-CLC focuses on the formation of persons. People so captivated and inflamed by Christ’s love      that they strive to foster discerning hearts and empower growth. We seek ways that better help one another      focus our inner fires: to uncover our special talents, to embrace our shadows, to give of ourselves deeply.      We collaborate in Christ’s mission of bringing about God's Kingdom by building communities discerning for      mission that meet the real needs of people, especially the poor and marginalized.

The Spiritual Exercises is the characteristic instrument forming us into close followers of Christ. We are caught up in a personal love of Him who gathers us as community and sends us on mission, as partners, bringing of all creation into the communion of God.

Thus, we collaborate with the Spirit in forming individual persons on the way of falling and staying in love with God.

Helpful Resources on Discovering One's Calling

Hearing with the Heart: A Gentle Guide to Discerning God’s Will in Your Life by Debra Farrington

A good start if you want to learn useful tools for discernment, whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual-but-not-religious.

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A Sacred Voice Is Calling by John Neafsey

An inspiring journey towards discovering our vocation in life written for young adults. The author recounts wisdom from many traditions about how we can listen to our sacred voice that calls us to serve and make a difference.

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Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice
of Vocation
by Parker J. Palmer

A book that helps you to listen, to love, and to trust yourself. A reflective guidebook for those willing to take the inner journey that leads to discovering God’s dream for one’s life.

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The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

An inspiring fable about a young shepherd in Brazil who leaves the comfort and confines of his life to pursues his life dreams. On the journey he learns valuable life lessons and ultimately finds himself.

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The Discerning Heart by Wilkie Au and
Noreen Cannon Au

For those who want to cultivate a discerning heart by choosing Christ in daily life through everyday experiences as well as learning to choose and respond to God in bigger decisions through an Ignatian process of discernment.

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Sacred Space website

For those who want to deepen their sense Daily prayer presented visually step-by-step in 10 minutes, to help listen to one’s inner voice – God’s voice.

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