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                Spirituality can be understood as a pathway to God. Rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola,
                of Loyola, Ignatian CLC spirituality is a journey to God that embraces continual conversion of heart, deepening personal
                love of Christ, and serving in solidarity and justice. Learn more (PDF, 22 kb)

Christ is present in all things, actively loving and calling us. Through every experience of our lives, whether positive or negative, we can encounter Christ. His Spirit works through our thoughts, imagination and feelings, gifting us with an inner “voice” or felt-sense of God. Through this heartfelt sense, personal and unique to everyone, we are invited to deeper intimacy and more generous service of Christ. Discernment is about recognizing and responding more fully to the Spirit’s lead in love and service. Discernment has two dimensions:
  1. Cultivating a “discerning heart” by choosing Christ in daily life through everyday experiences.
  2. Learning to choose and respond to Christ in bigger decisions through a process of discernment.
    (PDF, 15 kb)
Regular prayer and spiritual direction are two habits essential in learning the art of discernment.

The Đồng Hành-CLC way of life involves discernment on a personal as well as communal basis.

Awareness Examen Prayer

This 5-10 minutes reflective prayer at night (or the next morning) to review a day is a vital way to developing a discerning heart:
  1. Lord, bless me with the light of your Spirit to see through Your eyes and feel with Your heart.

  2. Lord, what gifts have I received today that I can be thankful for?

  3. Which experiences give me life today? Which experiences drain me? Lord, how have you loved me today?

  4. Lord, how have I not responded to you? I need your forgiveness with...?

  5. Lord, how are you inviting me to respond more fully or be more attentive to you in the coming day?

There are many ways to pray the Awareness Examen.
Here is another. (PDF, 28 kb)

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